Shubhlabh Casting LLP is promoted by the Shubhlabh Group who are entrepreneurs in Gujarat and well known for various business verticals. Shubhlabh Casting LLP is strategically located in the Industry belt of Sanand, Ahmedabad, Gujrat and is accessible by air, road and rail from all main cities. It is also connected by sea from the nearby Kandla Port through which most Industries in Western India export their merchandise.
Being located in the foundry belt of India, Shubhlabh has the inherent advantage of being close to several original sources of raw material, offering various choices to get the choice to source the best in class.

Shubhlabh Casting LLP has an installed production capacity of 1200 metric tons per month and is the 11th plant in India with the installation of the latest casting technology of high pressure of last flaskless moulding line from Sinto Japan.


  • To ensure maximum value addition to our customers’ business by supplying quality castings on time using high end technology .
  • To provide alternate solutions in metals and processes.
  • This approach will have focus on customer's productivity and profitability with accuracy and precision.