Shubh Labh Casting has installed a state of the art CI & SG Iron Melting Plant of 1200 MT a month backed by 2000 kg x 3 Crucible Tri Track Induction Melting Furnace from Inductotherm with a capacity of 4 tons / hour melting.

Though the furnaces are currently being charged by way of EoT and the charging magnet, SLC plans to install vibrating chargers to smoothen operations. This technologically advanced induction equipment is of high accuracy and provides the users precision, control and reliability in all their needs.

Backed by a well equipped laboratory, SLC produces metals with required specification to meet customer’s specifications. SLC’s JV with RWP-CT enables SLC to have the capabilty of developing alternate metals, special metals with altered processes to meet customer’s requirements.

Auto Pour

The Tundish Auto pour installed at Shubhlabh is a High-precision pouring system that increases production rates, reduces metal waste, produces fewer scrap castings, and allows the castings themselves to be lighter and have thinner walls.