Fettling & Shot Blasting


SLC has a plan that once castings are available from the Mold Dumper, they are moved to the primary shot blasting location by way of a conveyor. Thereafter, after initial shot blasting, the castings would be taken for shipping grinding.

The shot blasting process os essentially a process where abrasive material is forced through a jet nozzle using compressed air to impinge on the casting surfaces to clean the surface. .For finishing castings, fettling is very important to ensure that the parts meet aesthetic and dimensional requirements. Fettling Machines are installed at Shubh Labh Casting LLP which include Hangar type and wire mesh type machines. Other finishing processes at Shubh Labh Casting LLP include manual grinding on standard grinding machines for finishing of castings.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting process at Shubh Labh Casting is equipped with machines from Indabarator (NESCO) & Electro Magnetic in which an abrasive material is forced through a jet nozzle using compressed air. This creates a fast and effective way of cleaning or preparing surfaces for recoating using steel shots. Steel shots are sharp, hard abrasive which is used to prepare surfaces on non‐ferrous metals before recoating. Shubh Labh Casting has installed shot blasting wire mesh type with online capacity of 800 kg.

Grinding & Finishing

Shubhlabh Casting has implemented a full-service manual finishing operation to grind and finish your castings products to your exact requirements. By providing in-house finishing shop, we control the process from casting to finishing. Our grinding finishing shop floor is equipped with grinding and finishing equipment, to provide the best finished quality products, with best finished surface finishes.