Simulation software

Shubhlabh Casting uses RWP’s WinCast®expert software for product simulation. Using the finite element method, this software can simulate casting process, heat treatment process and forecast casting defects, so as to achieve the purpose of saving resources and improving the quality of castings. WinCast®expert software can be installed on Windows systems and Linux systems.
Shubh Labh Casting has invested in product development facilities to achieve its goal of providing high technology infrastructure for speedy product development of high quality castings. From initial stages of tooling design, to completion of production tooling, equipped with Win-cast Simulation software to provide a fool proof mechanism to avoid shrinkage defects and to optimize yield while reducing product development lead times.

Predictability in potential casting defects and an opportunity to ensure required preventive methods to ensure first time right, makes Win Cast a preferred choice for the simulation process, which is the USP of our organization.

Thermal Solidification
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